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You've Been Accepted. So, What's Next?

(March 31 2014) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Visiting RIT, Orientation, Student Life

So, you've been accepted. Congratulations! Seriously, that's awesome news. But now the real decision-making process begins. If you've visited before, you've likely...

Bored at College... Impossible! (Clubs @ RIT)

(November 14 2013) Written by: Ken Radzyminski in Clubs, Life After RIT, Residence Life, Student Life

So it’s the first week of school, you’ve set up your dorm room, met some friends, and attended all of your classes...

A Fresh(man) Start- Lessons From The Quarter Mile

(July 28 2013) Written by: Emma Rogers in Clubs

It is now your turn to pass on the highschool senior baton, moving forward into a momentous rite of passage while balancing on...

A Long Ride

(June 07 2013) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Orientation, Student Life

Before my freshman year, I decided to challenge myself. I had seen plenty of notices about these "Pre-Orientation" things I could sign...

How I Earned My Stripes

(November 30 2012) Written by: Josh Vickerson

About two years ago I had just finished sending in college applications. After finally completing them, the relief of not having to worry...

The Wonderful World of Me

(October 18 2012) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Student Life

It's fascinating, being me. No really, it is. I don't say this out of arrogance. I simply say this to cast upon...

New Student Orientation: Part 1

(September 25 2012) Written by: Kevin Granger in Orientation

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year...”Not Christmas, silly. Move-in day! That day where thousands of new RIT students come to...

Back into the RIT Groove!

(September 04 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Academic Calendar, Co-op, Coursework, Fraternity / Sorority Life

Classes have finally started! The past month has been absolutely crazy. Here's what I've been up to:I finished up my co-op at...

First Quarter Schedules: What you need to know

(July 12 2012) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Advising & Support, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Orientation, Student Life

Things are getting a little hectic now that many students have received their first quarter schedules. Let me shed some light on...