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Getting Around the RIT Campus

(January 30 2013) Written by: Peter Ryan, Jr. in Residence Life

While RIT is a large campus getting around isn't all that difficult. In the spring and fall I enjoy walking around or...

Move it Move it: Transportation

(January 25 2013) Written by: Kevin Granger in Rochester & Monroe County

How do I get around campus?I’ll tell you right now... I’m a speed demon. My bicycle is an extension of myself.  I...

RIT Behind the Scenes: Episode Two!

(January 24 2013) Written by: Erin Supinka in RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life

It's Thursday again which means a new episode of Behind the Scenes from #RITStdudents! We hoped you really liked our season premeire...

Mobility (And I Don't Mean Your Cell Phone)

(January 24 2013) Written by: Josh Vickerson in Residence Life, Student Life

One of the primary concerns students have when considering a college is the appeal of its location. This includes everything from weather...

Why did the student cross the road?

(June 18 2012) Written by: Kevin Granger

To get to RIT, of course!RIT is located near Rochester, New York (I’d hope that would be obvious). While that may be...