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Physician Assistant
Uxbridge MA
I am from the great state of Massachusetts, where everything is "wicked cool". My family is big and crazy- and I am the baby- but we have tons of fun together. My parents are both in medicine so I knew from a really early age that I wanted to be part of the medical field. Learning about the PA profession has been even more exciting than I ever imagined! RIT has so many wonderful opportunities, I know I'm very lucky to be here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
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Physician Assistant
Student Ambassador, Summer undergraduate research
The PA program is amazing and unlike any other program I looked at. I also love RIT's campus! I really felt at home the first time I visited.
Perogies =]
Bazil's on Irondequoit Bay
I love to sing 90s music in the car
Too many to chose from! Sherlock, The Office, Bones
Mumford & Sons
Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory and anything Disney or Pixar
Fireside Lounge and the Infinity Quad on sunny days
Yes! Dove on my ankle and an anchor on my foot
Just ears...
I love to cook =]
I always yawn when someone else does or if I think about it too much...and then my eyes water... it's just bad.