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Choosing RIT was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! I am a 2nd year New Media Design student and I...
In addition to residence halls available for incoming freshman, RIT offers Special interest housing. Special interest housing (SIH) are houses for students who want...
College can be expensive. Costs for tuition, housing, textbooks, food, supplies, clothes, etc. add up. Here are a few things you should know about...
Weather in Rochester can go from one extreme to another, with sunny summers and chilly winters. For most international students coming from tropical climates,...

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Aditi Khazanchi
Traveling, Adventure sports, Basketball, Instrumental Music
New Delhi, India
New Media Design
Academics & Co-op Committee (Student Government), New Media Club, International House, RIT Honors
Undergraduate Admissions office @RIT
RIT is the perfect mix of art and technology. It also has a very strong Co-op program
hungry for knowledge and experience, too busy and workaholic
I love traveling and exploring. And even though I'm technically studying abroad right now, I want to study abroad a semester in some other country.
New Media Lab
yes, my ears