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New Media Design
Avon NY
New Media Design major from Avon, NY.

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Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. Being a local Rochesterian, I love taking friends from RIT to discover some of...
I knew RIT was the school for me during my first tour of campus. Though I would highly recommend visiting campus for yourself, I...
As a senior, I thought I would share some tips on getting involved and meeting people when you start college (forewarning, some of this...
Every summer, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosts two overnight programs (one in July and one in August) for students who will be entering...

BCA Profile

Becky Drexler
art, running, soccer, broomball, going to hockey games and other RIT events
New Media Design
Broomball, Bubble ball
various on-campus jobs
For the diverse campus
hard working and really funny
Stir fry
Dinosaur mac and cheese
I use to box
How I Met Your Mother
State Champs
Mean Girls
Study rooms or lounge areas in global village preferably with a window with a nice veiw
Yes, my ears
I write left handed, but do everything else with my right
going to No Voice Zone to learn ASL
I aim for exact numbers when pumping gas, it makes me extremely happy when I get it right on the dollar