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Physician Assistant
Webster NY

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As I’m looking outside at the fluffy flakes of ice, which somehow get inside of your boots even when you constrict your ankle circulation,...
Hey everyone! Happy first year of college! I’m a fourth year PA major from Rochester. This year will be my third year living in...
What can you do to prepare yourself to have a college roommate? Or, more specifically, how to BE a good college roommate. Even if you’re...
You take your first step into Gracie’s, the main all-you-can-eat dining hall. The scent of delicious french fries, juicy chicken fingers, and melting brownies...

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Courtney Puzio
Working out, reading, biking, swimming, singing, music/musicals, medicine, coffee.
Physician Assistant
The Center for Residence Life, Physician Assistant Student Association, RIT Academic Support Center, RIT Student Wellness, RIT Orientation, National Society for Leadership and Success.
I loved the campus and the atmosphere of acceptance the general student population had. There is a club or activity for almost every interest and it'sgreat to be among people who like to try different things.
Breakfast -- scrambled eggs with veggies and berries
Lovin Cup
The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, House of Cards
Third floor of the library, Gosnell atrium, Global Village in the summer