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BioMedical Science
Severna Park MD

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Denise Gun
Severna Park
BioMedical Science
New Student Orientation Assistant, Wiedman Fitness Center Attendant
I was unsure about what I wanted to get into major wise but I knew I wanted a school with heavy science programs. I wanted a school where I felt like my personality fit in. After visiting the campus, I really liked how friendly and personable the people were. The distance from home didn't hurt either.
spunky, outgoing, willful
Garabage Plates or Chipotle
I hate hair cuts and I have the worst dart thorwing form
Bones/Game of Thrones
Britney Spears for life
Tie between Mulan and 50 First Dates
Second Floor of the Library, far back corner
I can't even handle getting shots every three years. Hard pass
Just the G rated studs in my ears
I cannot spell bananas without the Gwen Stefani song
I love sailing, greyhounds, and I'm obessed with Game of Thrones
I have a terrible habit of correcting people on how to open and eat crabs