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Visual Media
Syracuse NY
Hello I'm Lizz! I graduated high school in 2011 from Baldwinsville, NY and went out to Utah State University for a year, just to try something new and snowboard. However as much as I love the nature out there, the education wasn't what I needed so I transferred to RIT. I've found myself faced with so many amazing opportunities since I began my visual media major. I have grown so much as a person since being here and my work ethic has too (for the better). I recently volunteered in South Africa for a month and I cannot wait to go back! I love traveling and doing adventurous thing as often as I can. For example I went bungee jumping with a 700ft free fall - but that's a whole other story. I also love cliff jumping, four-wheeling, snowboarding, running, and of course Netflix.

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Lizz Sawyer
Design, architecture, photography, snowboarding, archery, soccer, running and music
Visual Media
Archery club, snowboarding club
RIT is one of the top photographic schools in our country. I knew that I would have had the most opportunities coming to this school. It's also just awesome! Hockey is so much fun, the entire gym complex is amazing. RIT invites great music artists to perform. The list goes on and on... =)
Outgoing, crazy, caring, weird, thoughtful and fun
Green Curry with Chicken / Garbage Plates
I am allergic to the cold...No seriously, it's called cold urticaria
New Girl, Breaking Bad, Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother
Oh so many.. Goo Goo Dolls is #1, Maroon 5, The XX, Dave Matthews, B.I.G, Of Monsters and Men, F.U.N., Dispatch, Blink 182 and so on!
The Dark Knight, Warrior, Begin Again, Forrest Gump, The Great Gatsby, Like Crazy, The Illusionist, Hercules, Shawshank Redemption... I can't just pick one.
Student Services, 'cause there's a waterfall.
One behind my ear - "let go" in cursive with a swallow. On my ribs - a small "no fear". Soon my Grandma and I are going to get one - I'm using a pooh bear quote with her hand writing.
two ear piercings.. nose and belly button
I find myself really funny when I know I'm not at all. If you can't make yourself laugh, then there's just no point.
Archery, dog training
Talking in an accent after I hear one