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Environmental Sustainability
Melville NY

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Ian Pasternak
Emergency medicine, turtles, food, making bad jokes, creative writing
United States
Environmental Sustainability
RIT Ambulance, Sigma Chi
RIT Student Ambassador
RIT had the spirit and education I was looking for in a school. Also, tigers are pretty cool.
"Ian's pretty much the Fonzie of the group" "Everywhere he walks, things light up like Michael Jackson in that Billie Jean music video" - Everyone
Breakfast bar
Barbecue anything
If my degree ever fell through, I'm 73% sure I can get a career as a professional rapper.
Boardwalk Empire
Aliens, Big Trouble in Little China or Vanilla Sky. It depends on the day.
Probably the library
Mother doesn't allow tattoos. She says they're the devil's picture book
One time in home-ec I was learning to sew and my friend Barney jabbed me with a needle. That counts I guess.
I can name at least 40 different kinds of apples, and I don't even really like apples.
Watching "Golden Girls" while listening to REMs "Everybody Hurts" with candles lit.
I've actually taken up gardening