BCA Profile

John Angarano
Aviation, EMS, Volunteering, Science
United States
Honors Program
ITS Resnet
I chose RIT because of the wide variety of clubs, organizations, and events on campus. The multitude of opportunities to get involved on campus, combined with a great Biology program, made RIT feel like home!
Angry Rhino (although I am not really "angry" :P)
Outgoing, Smart, Funny, Good Listener
Turkey Sub
Wok with You
I love aviation and travelling. Get me near an airport, and I will be as happy as a kid in a candy store!
NCIS or Law & Order:SVU. Both are tied :)
Iggy Azalea
Saving Private Ryan
Wallace Library
Would never get one!
I am a wealth of knowledge (both useful, and some less useful).
Emergency Medical Services; I am a certified NYS EMT-B
Making sure the little feet on the bottom of keyboards are out before I begin typing at a public computer.