BCA Profile

Cars, Books, Video Games
Glen Mills in the Suburbs of Philadelphia)
Chemical Engineering
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Off-campus Car Enthusiast Club (Subarus to be specific),
Orientation Assistant, Teaching Assistant
Co-op program and diverse social environment
Talkative, loud, and a little bit crazy
A lot of my friends make fun of the way I say "water", according to them I pronounce it as if it is spelled w-o-o-d-e-r
Futurama, Top Gear UK, and Dexter
Infected Mushroom
Princess Bride, Boondock Saints, District 9
Gordon Atrium in the engineering building
Not yet, maybe a phoenix
Just one in each ear
Modifying my car, a 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon
Reading the last few pages of a book before I'm even halfway through