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New Media Marketing
Ahmedabad NY

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This blog is inspired from Facebook’s “Year in Review” feature (no way else I would come up with such a cheesy title). When I...
Hi everyone! As a vegetarian on campus, I thought I would write about what it’s like here at RIT and let future students know of...
One of the best parts about being a college student is you can go on a completely impromptu road trip and still have a...
Happy and warm summer to everyone! Unlike few of my previous blogs, this blog is really for everyone who is interested about summertime in...

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Nirav Sanghvi
New Media Marketing
RITSMA (RIT Student Music Association)
Undergraduate Admissions Office
I love how RIT offers wide variety of courses that relate back to technology and the fact that all the learning is experiential.
Hyperactive and spontaneous.
Mongolian grill
Saks Thai
I'm a drummer and enjoy travelling
House Of Cards, Modern Family
The Beatles
The Contact
Quietest corner of Library
Nope, too permanent
Same as above
I'm always up for plans that include eating/travelling
checking for my cellphone/wallet every 10 minutes.