My First Offical Blog

(September 28 2007) Written by: Carline Vargas in Coursework

Hello, So I guess this will be kind of a long one since a lot has happened since the beginning of the...

What do we REALLY do in class?

(September 26 2007) Written by: Kahle Toothill in Coursework

Well, for starters, in Product and Brand Management we are working on a strategy to brand the Saunders College of Business here...

The Organic Chem Monster

(September 26 2007) Written by: Sarah Alef in Co-op, Coursework

This week == intense. Basically all my teachers have decided that "I don't want to give you a test in week 5,...

A fascinating post about a keyboard

(September 08 2007) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Co-op, Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County

Well not entirely. I've signed up to work Saturday mornings here at Admissions.  It's a nice break from the fast-paced intensity that usually...

Hellooo Rochester

(September 08 2007) Written by: Sarah Alef in Coursework

So I've actually been back at RIT for approximately three weeks, two of which were focused on RA training.  That's right kids. ...

omg lol rofl jk!

(September 06 2007) Written by: Cory Gregory in Coursework, LGBT, The Arts

So... The title of this blog has nothing to do with the actual blog lol. Wow. The first week of school is almost...

Life is Full of Surprises

(August 09 2007) Written by: Pooja Nanda in Coursework

Just when I thought the quarter was nearing the end and was feeling happy that finals would be over soon enough and...

It's been a long time, long time

(July 23 2007) Written by: Matthew Lauer in Coursework

I haven't written a blog in forever!! Partly because there wasn't much going on. That however, has changed. This past weekend I...

Making the most out of a College Search

(July 23 2007) Written by: Kahle Toothill in Coursework

It’s summertime and your parents are probably giving you a hard time that you should spend these months looking at colleges. THEY’RE...