so little time

(May 10 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Coursework, Majors & Minors

the end of week nine has hit me like a ton of bricks (no pun intended). it's like i was smoothly sailing...

Busy week and The Tournament

(May 03 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

            So as I alluded to in my last post there is a tournament here on campus for Command and Conquer 3;...

The taste of Spring

(April 29 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston in Coursework, Student Life

So this weekend RIT crew did not have a race anywhere.  Next week we go to the NY state championships so this...

What's up with me

(April 25 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston in Athletics, Coursework

So in case you haven't noticed I haven't updated any of my posts lately.  This is because spring quarter is always the most...

Icy Bliss

(April 17 2007) Written by: Jeff Maher in Coursework, Student Life

There's really no getting around it - RIT students are some of the busiest students anywhere. Instead of operating on semesters as...

It's been awhile..

(April 12 2007) Written by: Jessica Quinn in Coursework, Student Life

Well, I have definitely slacked off in the blogging dept lately! It's been a hectic..well couple months really. To recap, here are...

Hectic Week

(April 12 2007) Written by: Jon-derek Castagno in Coursework

So folks it is week 5... Week 5 means midterms. I am lucky in that I only have two this week and...

DUCK AND COVER!! ((its week five))

(April 11 2007) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Coursework

there are a few things you should know. one, it's week five. two, our quarter is ten weeks long. therefore we are...

Here come Midterms!

(April 10 2007) Written by: Kahle Toothill in Coursework, Student Life

It's week 5, halfway through our 10 week quarter. Midterms usually span between this week and the next. If you dont have...