Languages at RIT

(March 19 2014) Written by: Christina Maragioglio in Clubs, Coursework, Majors & Minors

Have you ever wanted to connect with people of different cultures in a deeper way than just simply saying hello? If so,...

Wines of the World

(November 20 2013) Written by: Christina Brooks in Coursework, Student Life

One of the best things about college is the variety of classes offered to students. This semester I'm taking a class titled...

Talking with Professors: Tips & Tricks

(November 15 2013) Written by: Amanda Barton in Coursework

As a prospective or incoming student, you’ve probably been advised to talk with your professors once you start school. I know when...

The Final Countdown!

(November 13 2013) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Coursework

That’s right everyone, this is the last year you’ll see me in my Undergraduate Ambassador uniform, because it’s finally here! Senior Year!...

Setting Yourself Up For Success: Picking The Right Class

(November 11 2013) Written by: Peter Ryan, Jr. in Advising & Support, Coursework

With SIS "shopping carts" now open, Spring Semester class registration is right around the corner. With a new term comes new schedules...

The Critique

(October 14 2013) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Coursework

Art students always ask me about the curriculum in RIT’s design program, what the art classes are like, and what tips I...

Rochester Fringe Fest and RIT

(September 30 2013) Written by: Carl Domingo in Coursework

Rochester is a city with a ton of culture to be experienced. These past two weeks, Fringefest, had its second annual running,...

Learning During... the Summer!?

(June 29 2013) Written by: Kevin Granger in Coursework

When you major in a field of study that interests you, in a field that’s your passion, learning or doing work hardly...

RIT Behind the Scenes - Season 3

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In this episode we chat in depth with students who have changed majors and learn about the University Studies Program at RIT.