All About Meal Plans

(April 17 2014) Written by: Peter Ryan, Jr. in Dining

A lot of questions I hear from accepted students are about meal plans. Do I need one? How do they work? Which...

The President's Ball - Where My Dad Is More Popular Than Me

(October 22 2013) Written by: Emily O'Shaughnessy in Visiting RIT, Alumni, Clubs, Dining, Faculty, Life After RIT, RIT Behind The Scenes, Student Life, The Arts

My first impression of the ball; driving up to the valet, handing a man my keys, walking away, and immediately hearing a...

Tex-Mex Goodness

(April 13 2013) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Dining

BUCKET LIST: John's Tex-Mex  Over the past five years I have turned into a Rochester foodie - always hunting for the best food...

College Cook Book: Ramen Noodle Upgrade

(January 24 2013) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Dining

One of the major benefits of living in an apartment on campus is that cooking opportunities expanded beyond microwaveable options. Kitchens in...

Lunch at Henry's

(November 19 2012) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Coursework, Dining

BUCKET LIST: Henry’s Restaurant   If you have taken a campus tour you probably noticed the dining diversity on campus - from soup &...

The Food Critic on Campus

(November 04 2012) Written by: Danielle Nutter in Dining

I think food should be at the top of the college checklist when looking at different schools. It is a subject that...

Recycling at RIT

(September 14 2011) Written by: Josh Kramer in Dining

RIT Recycling has just gotten a lot better. My first few years we had paper recycling and container recycling. We could recycle...

How (Not) To: The Freshman 15

(July 28 2011) Written by: Emily Okey in Dining

You've all heard of "The Dreaded" Freshman 15. Or maybe even you're gluten free, vegetarian (like me!), vegan, allergic to shellfish, etc.Regardless, one...

Avoid Being The "Poor, Starving, College Student"

(October 08 2010) Written by: Megan Chapman in Clubs, Dining, Student Life

So today is Friday and to me, an honors student, that means free pizza from the honors program at 11:30 before heading off...