i'm next

(June 09 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Faculty, Life After RIT

i was at a family gathering over the weekend. my cousin chris just graduated college a few weeks ago and all my...

Worries and nothing but worries

(May 31 2008) Written by: Carline Vargas in Advising & Support, Faculty

Why is it that all we have is worries and more worries. It causes nothing but more stress. My last day at the...

Commencement 2008

(May 27 2008) Written by: Ashley Hennigan in Advising & Support, Faculty, Student Life

 Sure, there are certainly some Tigers out there who are not fans of lengthy ceremonies with thousands of people, packed inside the Gordon...

Contemplation & how advisors figure in the mix

(March 11 2008) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Advising & Support, Faculty

I've been seriously considering switching to International Business from my current Graphic Media Marketing. Luckily, doing this so late in the game...

Pittsburgh GCCIS Honors Trip

(April 28 2007) Written by: Joe Conley in Faculty

Just got back from the GCCIS honors trip to Pittsburgh.  We went to visit Carnegie Mellon University and we saw their robotics...

Favorite Computer Science Classes

(February 20 2007) Written by: Jeff Maher in Coursework, Faculty

While I'm still working away at the last of my graduation requirements this quarter, the computer science portion of my RIT career...

Not my best week for time management

(February 15 2007) Written by: Arthur Johnston in Coursework, Faculty

Previously in Industrial Organization Professor Wagner was talking about stochastic processes. The simplest case, and the one we dealt with in class...