Institute Requirements


Small Investment = Great Reward

(October 27 2009) Written by: in Alumni, Co-op, Institute Requirements, Life After RIT, Rochester & Monroe County

When I ask high school students why they want to go to college, the most frequent response is, “to get a good...

Registration Time

(October 22 2009) Written by: Blenda Luong in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Coursework, Institute Requirements, Majors & Minors

It's that time in the quarter again when students frantically search for classes that they either have to take or want to take...

The College Essay

(October 14 2009) Written by: SueLynn Hauer in Advising & Support, International Students, Institute Requirements

At RIT, our essay requirement is broad to allow students the flexibility to write about what they’d like.  Students can submit an...

Getting a Handle on Veterans’ Education Benefits!

(September 17 2009) Written by: Corinne Franklin in Advising & Support, Institute Requirements

I just have to say that I spent a lot of time this year learning about Veterans’ Education Benefits (VA benefits). First, the 2009-2010 Free...

My Last Day

(May 20 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Coursework, Institute Requirements, Life After RIT

Today, I woke up at 7:15, got dressed and ready, walked to class, gave a presentation, then walked home. It didn't seem...

Want To Be A Math Or Science Teacher? Come To RIT!

(May 07 2009) Written by: in Coursework, Institute Requirements

When considering colleges, some students interested in being teachers may not immediately think of RIT.  But, those students may want to take...

Taxes and tigers and FAFSA's! Oh, my!

(February 12 2009) Written by: Corinne Franklin in Advising & Support, Institute Requirements, Rochester & Monroe County

Now that January has come to an end, I’m trying to put my hands on those tax documents that came to me...

The Art of Layering

(January 17 2009) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Campus Safety, Institute Requirements, Rochester & Monroe County

In case you are wondering how to survive all this cold we talk about...{youtube}yaPm6Lh74Os{/youtube}

Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

(July 25 2008) Written by: Ashley Hennigan in Co-op, Institute Requirements

    There is a lot to love about RIT, but one part of the RIT experience seems to stand out for most...