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I can't believe I missed Marian sing Rapper's Delight

(July 20 2008) Written by: Cynthia Roberts in Student Life, Study Abroad

Seriously.  Italy is amazing and all but Marian singing Rapper's Delight??  I would have flown back just to see that. Additionally, I hear...

four days to go!

(July 14 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Student Life

i feel like i've been MIA from this page lately. it could be because joe likes to write a lot though...haha. alright so...

i'm baaaaaccckkk!!

(June 23 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Student Life

well...i have arrived in rochester after wandering new england for the past few weeks. i start work at admissions tomorrow!! yay!!! so currently,...

i blog to pay off my credit card

(June 18 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Student Life

good afternoon kids. today's lesson is "how to get an on-campus job" basically, this entry is a GIANT shout out to emily o....

Commencement 2008

(May 27 2008) Written by: Ashley Hennigan in Advising & Support, Faculty, Student Life

 Sure, there are certainly some Tigers out there who are not fans of lengthy ceremonies with thousands of people, packed inside the Gordon...

how i managed to work vera bradley into my final project

(May 08 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Coursework, Student Life's getting to be that time of year. finals, woo!! a lot of my classes are project based so instead of (or sometimes...

Festival and Banquet

(May 06 2008) Written by: Sarah Alef in Student Life

This weekend was Imagine@RIT festival, which was full of different creative exhibits from various interest groups and students all around campus.  There...

rabbit rabbit

(May 01 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Dining, Student Life

i started writing this entry on tuesday during free cone day. thanks to some week eight crazyness and the usual end of...

a weather update

(April 06 2008) Written by: Amanda Lasicki in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

61 degrees and people are out and about in shorts and t-shirts today. i myself am confined to java's trying to finish...