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Software Engineering and Economics
New Delhi DL

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Anshul Kapoor
Tennis, Super Cars, Travelling
New Delhi
Software Engineering and Economics
Student Government, RIT Admissions
GE Corporate ITLP Intern, GCCIS Senator
RIT's Co-op program and its expertise in offering Software Engineering at undergraduate level was one of my biggest reasons to come here. The diverse community and fairly big international student population were among other reasons.
Stir Fry
Chipotle, BDubs!
I went to three different high schools in three different countries which were in three different continents.
White Collar, Top Gear UK, Big Bang Theory
I appreciate all types of music, but I mostly listen to electro house.
Iron Man (all of them!)
The tables in the back at 2nd floor of library!
Nope, won't be getting one anytime soon.
Not yet.
I like challenges.
I enjoy cooking.
I always pat the outside of an airplane before boarding in. I also love walking in the rain :)