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Industrial and Systems Engineering
Carver MA
My name is Chad Rossi. -I am from Carver Mass which is about 5 minutes from Plymouth Mass -I am in the Sigma Chi Fraternity -I have a couple jobs on campus: Student Ambassador and Operations manager with New Student Orientation
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Back when I was applying to colleges, I kept hearing about all these different ways to apply (early action, early decision, single choice early…)...

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Greek life, engineering, skiing, racquetball, working out
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Sigma Chi, New Student Orientation, INFORMS
Logistics Management Institute (LMI), Mclean VA
I chose RIT because I knew that from the co-op program, i would be able to get a great job and completely understand what the companies expect from me before i graduate. Also, RIT has a great atmosphere with professors that really do want you to succeed!
Leader, responsible, trustworthy
Chicken Ceaser Wrap!
restaurant: Anchor Bar, Sticky lips fast food: Chipotle!
I'm a huge Patriots fan!
Bones, Criminal Minds, Family guy...
I listen to anything that's not heavy metal
Avatar was a great one! Also, The Green Mile and Freedom Writers!
The Library and Bates Science Study Center
yup! i have an arm band of music notes on my left arm
no piercings
I have a strange love for calculus.... I know, Im weird
I like to sing all the time. Whether it's in the shower, walking to class, in the car, where ever!
clicking pens when i am thinking