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Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cheverly MD
Born in lagos, Nigeria. Grew up in London, California, though mainly Maryland. I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering Tech student at RIT (although contemplating the switch to Chemical engineering). Want to learn more? Add me on Facebook & dont forget to follow me on Twitter Facebook: Twitter: @RIT_Daniel
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How was my first year? Hey guys, I’m Daniel, a current second year at RIT. I thought I’d do things a little differently. Feel free...

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Drumming, Running, Listening to Christian music & COLDPLAY, Biking, Solar Technology
Mechanical Engineering Tech
Varsity Track and Field, National Society of Black Engineers
Student Ambassador (Social Media)
I loved the overall vibe the school brought! A well respected school with amazing teachers and students, passionate in the fields they're in. The many branches of engineering really had me excited. Mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, to name a few; I wasn't worried about whether I'd find the right major at RIT incase I wanted to switch, because it had so many. I was also attracted to the co-op opportunities. Almost everyone telling me about the school (when I was still deciding on which to choose), spoke very highly of the co-ops. Some other reasons why I chose RIT include Track & Field, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the great Engineering Technology program and finally Financial Aid.
I love to run Track!
Family Guy
Kung Fu Hustle
Secret room in Library ;)
No, but a lion to represent "Daniel in the Lion's Den"
I'm a christian!
Play the drums!
Funny facial expressions when I'm drumming complex rudiments. So I hear, lol ^_^