BCA Profile

Los Angeles
United States
Applied Mathematics
Wednesday Night Zumba Wellness, No Voice Zone, Wellness for Alcohol and Drug Education
Resident Advisor, Tour Guide
When applying for colleges, I got a letter in the mail from RIT so I decided to research the school. Among searching the RIT website, I was immediately fascinated by all of the awesome features and activities to do on campus. I was originally looking into Civil Engineering Technology (which is a great program) but I figured it wasn't the right major for me so I decided to change to Applied Mathematics and I've loved it ever since!
funny, helpful, reliable
tuna wrap
Edibles, The Owl House
I love snowboarding!
American Horror Story, True Blood, RuPaul's Drag Race, Parks and Recreation
Paramore, Passion Pit, Tegan and Sara, Sam Smith
50 First Dates
Study Rooms, Library
Not yet, but I want a Yin Yang with coy fish and a lotus flower because I like the meaning behind the Yin Yang symbol.
Yes, I have a nose ring and a conch piercing.
My hair - it's always changing.
I collect dream catchers.