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One of my favorite features about RIT is that we share a campus with another college! The Rochester Institute of Technology and the National...
The Early Decision deadline, November 15, is approaching and you might be wondering “What is Early Decision? Why should I apply for that instead...
It’s week six which means we’re almost halfway through the first semester! This also means that a lot of us are starting to feel...
Since I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community at RIT, I can attest that there are multiple clubs, organizations, and offices that are here...

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Ryan Roy
United States
American Sign Language Interpreting to English
Dining Commons, Student Manager
RIT had the best interpreting program in the USA
Salad bar
I love horseback riding
All Time Low
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Q Center
One on my shoulder, it's a dog pawprint with the initial C in the palm part of the paw
My ears are stretched, two lip piercings, one eyebrow piercing, and one belly button piercing