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SOIS - designing my own
Brighton, Rochester NY

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Sandra Malinowski
Baking, drawing, painting...basically anything with a creative influence
Brighton, Rochester
United States
SOIS - designing my own
Hand Lettering Club, No Voice Zone, Association for Commuter Engagement
Social Media Captain, student ambassador, student notetaker and HR intern at EagleView
When it came down to the grand scheme of things, I choose RIT because they were providing me with the best financial packages compared to the other ten schools I had applied to.
Bubbly, Energetic, Happy, Creative, Social, Loud, Smiley
I have never been to Gracie's
Anything from TaiChi
Coldplay, OneRepublic
Pride and Prejudice (2003)
3rd Floor of library behind the TR section
No, but I really want a mandala, hamsa hand and a lotus flower
I rescue worms on the quarter mile from the stampeding students
Knocking on wood almost always