BCA Profile

THE United States of America
Mechanical Engineering
Quidditch, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Manufacturing Engineering Intern at Dresser-Rand
I chose RIT because of the COOP program. I love the idea that RIT will help you work as an engineer while in college. That experience and opportunity is second to none.
Big, Loud, and Proud
Classic Chicken and Fries
I started playing Quidditch when I came to RIT and became hooked. Within 5 months I found myself at the Quidditch world cup in Kissimee, Florida
Top Gear
Forrest Gump
Third floor of the Wallace Library, overlooking the Quarter Mile
No, but if I had a tattoo it would be a screaming Bald Eagle ripping through shards of tyranny
Knows the exact number licks to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop
Fishing and hiking
I drink over a gallon of sweet tea a day. I may have a problem