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11 ANSA students+DDR+Xbox 360+Food==Wicked Good Time

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 11 February 2006.

That was my Friday evening. I am in a learning community and for the past 2 terms we have been going to our writing professor’s house for a party towards the end of the quarter. Well it happened last night. 6:15pm-3:30am talk about a Long night. It was definitely the highlight of the term (last quarter it was also). It started off of course with the ride to get their. We had four cars in a convoy, if you haven’t seen a convoy with more than two cars you’re missing out, it’s really fun not to mention funny. Let’s take an example one of the cars got stopped at a red light, immediately cell phones start going off informing everyone then a sudden stop on the right side of the road. Waiting….Waiting… finally he arrives at last the convoy continues. It’s so funny.
Once we arrive at the house its time to say hi to the dogs, there really cute and surprisingly cool. We unpack the DDR pads and the Xbox 360 with the projector and then descend like rabid vultures on the chips. If starts off with a few round of Super Smash Brothers (Game Cube), we all play for a while and decide to see how the food is coming along, we venture outside to the grill where Hamburgers and Sausages are cooking. The smell of the meat getting slowly cooks rises to your nose, mouths start watering. But they are not ready, back to the house. Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) starts up, cars crashing into walls, racing, really fast power slides all beautiful things really start to occur. The food is ready and again like vultures who have not eaten in weeks we descend to the kitchen for the food.
After everyone was fool it was time for some good ol’ Halo 2. We all played it last time. I beat out everyone. This time it was the same song different chorus, killing sprees, rampages and the like were occurring no one could withstand the wraith of the might Dotes. While Halo was going on a group were downstairs hanging out and watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics as soon as the group heard that we went *Cue scary music* Down into the Dungeon *End scary music* and watched the opening ceremonies. Many other things happened that fine evening, like hanging out talking about everything there is to talk about. But that would take a few pages so I will end it here.
On a note about the tabbing it will not work. I have hard coded it in; using spaces and or pre-formatted text in HTML it just refuses to do them.
The best part of this post has arrived. The “Dotes ong”. This post song has been at the top of my playlist for about a week now, it is another Mash Up that I have mentioned before. The song is entitled “Neon Diner” the artists are John Mayer vs. Suzanne Vega, the creator is LCO. Definitely check it out.
-The Coolest Dude Ever