21 at RIT

Christina Brooks on Sunday, 03 February 2013. Posted in Student Life

This past October, I turned the big 2-1. The last "big" birthday for awhile. Now parents, I don't want you all to think that RIT is a crazy party school, because it's definately not. However, RIT does provide some speacil opportunities for those that are of the legal age!

Global Village's resturant Salsaritas and the Ritz Sports Zone in the Student Alumni Union each have a small bar area. Ritz Sports Zone often has a tailgating party there before big games, where students can get wings and pizza or, if of age, can grab a drink at the bar! Salaritas is a Mexican resturant, so of course they speacilize in margaritas.

RIT also has a bus that takes students to downtown Rochester on Saturday nights, called the TIger East End Express (TE3).This is a great opportunity to explore Rochester's nightlife and everything it has to offer! You don't need to be 21 to enjoy this free bus service, all you need is a RIT ID! I actually went on the bus for the first time since turning 21 a week ago and it was so much fun! It's really interesting to be able to see Rochester at night and how life is there in the late PM hours.

Last but not least, RIT's College Activities Board (CAB) but on wine tours in the spring/fall and a brewery tour in the winter! These events are geared toward seniors and you have to be 21+ of course. Upstate NY has a ton of great winerys close by, along with some local brewerys. These events put on by CAB are really a great way to see Rochester's local beverages!

So if you're 21+ and visiting RIT, why not grab a margarita at Salsaritas? =)

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