4th Year Clinical Rotations: An AMAZING Opportunity & Experience

Samantha Cala on Friday, 12 October 2012. Posted in RIT Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone out there!  My name is Samantha (Sam), a senior Ultrasound Major!  I'm one of the few College of Health Science & Technology Ambassadors on the team and am currently doing my 4th year clinical rotation.  Most of the majors in the College of Health Science and Technology are required to do a clinical rotation their senior year rather than a co-op.  A clinical rotation  allows you an entire school year of healthcare experience in your specific field.  Though we are getting the real life experience, it is different from a co-op in that we aren't getting paid... the experience though definitely outweighs that detail!
 For my year of clinical in Ultrasound, we are required to do 2 rotations; one general ultrasound rotation, and one strictly OB/GYN.  I'm doing my first, general ultrasound rotation now at Rochester General Hospital in the radiology department.  My second rotation will start in January and be at an OB/GYN office in the local town of Irondequoit.
The first full week at the hospital was little scary, I'm not going to lie!  Getting used to the hustle and bustle, talking to and dealing with the very wide variety of patients, learning the equipment, ect. and ect!   It was quite overwhelming, but I must say, getting used the hospital world happend fast and I am absolutely loving it!  It's such a great experience we get! It's going to be a nice perk to say that I have a full year of experience under my belt when I go to apply for jobs at the end of the year!  It's not only about getting the job though; the patient interaction and the knowledge that you are a step in helping this person's life is probably the best part of the experience so far!  It is truly a fulfilling experience and opportunity!