5 Reasons Why College is Awesome

Christina Brooks on Friday, 24 September 2010. Posted in Majors & Minors, Residence Life, Student Life

Back in high school, I never thought the day would come when I would be moving in for college. And now that I'm moved in and already the 3rd week in, it's stil surreal to me! However, the rumors are in fact true. College is awesome. And here are the top 5 reasons (so far) as how I find it to be awesome. Specifically, how I've found RIT to be awesome and the perfect fit. 

1. The people. 
I visited and applied to 8 different colleges and visited 7 of them (including RIT). Out of all of these colleges, RIT is the place where the people were the friendliest and most helpful. Even on the campus tours random students were friendly. And now that I'm going here, I feel even more lucky to be surrounded by all of these fun people. Just ask and someone will always be there to help you.

2. The environment.
I wanted a school that would academically and creatively push me along with being tons of fun with lots of activities to do on campus. RIT has all of this and more. Yes, the quarter system is fast paced and can be challenging, but there is still lots of time to have fun around campus and be with your friends. And with CAB (College Activities Board), there is always something to do on campus!

3. The resident halls.
Some people hate dorm life. However, I absolutely love it. My floor mates and I do almost everything together and we often have late night floor parties in the hallways and lounges. I also have an incredible roommate who's always there for me. And I gotta admit, it is pretty awesome living on your own away from home. While I do miss those good home cooked meals and laundry, it is well worth it living in the resident halls.

4. My classes.
As a freshman, your academic advisor signs you up for your classes for your major your first quarter at RIT. This was really nice because while my friends were stressing about signing up for their classes before they started college, I knew I already had all of the classes I needed. All of my professors are amazing and really push you to produce your best work. They always expect the best from you which motivates you to show them your best. They are also always willing to help you or answer your questions, and if you're not near their office or class, they are just an email away.

5. Freedom!
Last but not least, the freedom. No one is telling you when to wake up, that you have to go to class, when to eat, when to go to bed, to do your homework, etc.... While no one is actually telling you to do any of this, now that I'm on my own, out of high school and not living with the parents, I find myself even more motivated to achieve. I do all of these things not because I have to, but because I genuinely want to. It's also nice attending classes that you generally have an interest in. Also, from attending private school from grades 1-12 and wearing uniforms, it is so much fun being able to wear anything I want everyday.

Coming from being a high school senior where you have all of the respect from the underclassmen, I was nervous about being a freshman once again. However, everyone here, upperclassmen included, are so inviting and friendly that you really don't notice much of a difference. College life is awesome and is definitely a great experience!