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Josh Kramer on Wednesday, 07 October 2009. Posted in Student Life

Did you know that RIT has live webcams you can see from the RIT website? Just go to the RIT homepage and click webcams. From there you can look at a live video coming from either the Kodak Quad or overlooking the Sentinel. It's a really cool thing to be able to do.

If you go on and start viewing a webcam's feed, you have the option of controlling the camera. You get it for 1 minute, or more if no one else is waiting. You can pan up, down, left, and right, and zoom in so far you can read the logo off of a backpack.

For instance, you are wondering if anyone you know is sitting on the brick wall in the Kodak quad. You go and see a wide image of the quad. A few people are hanging out.
kodak quad, wide view

Hmm...that young lad sitting on the brick wall looks familiar... Let's zoom in on him. Click to zoom in.

What can you see on the webcams? Go look, and put in the comments what you see!

Until next time,

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  • Clarissa Baston

    Clarissa Baston

    07 October 2009 at 14:44 |
    lol that is too funny! I've randomly come across the webcam, but I didn't know you could actually control the camera yourself! I especially like seeing people on campus during the winter months from the comfort of my room while sipping on my hot chocolate and fuzzy monkey slippers :P
  • Erin Hazeltine

    Erin Hazeltine

    07 October 2009 at 15:10 |
    haha, questions what's the deal with the title! And I did not know that there was one in the kodak quad!
  • Josh Kramer

    Josh Kramer

    07 October 2009 at 20:43 |
    The webcams are really cool. You can tell your parents to look at them and then pose for them. Or just spy on people....
    Hot chocolate sounds really good!
    And the title is a spoof on spam you might get advertising... inappropriate things on webcams... I won't say more.
  • Solgar Kosher

    Solgar Kosher

    24 August 2010 at 02:18 |
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