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70 degree Christmas?

Erin Hazeltine on Thursday, 08 January 2009. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors

Hey guys happy 2009! I can’t believe it’s actually 2009! As you may have read in other blog’s we are back at school and it’s been a crazy week! Now that things have calmed down I can share my past few week with you!
Well to start off I went to South Carolina for Christmas. We drove 16 hours in 2 days, basically my brother and dad fought over the driving, which was very nice because that meant that I could get some work done. (I had a lot!) I had to read Maus, for my Arts of Expression class, the Graphic Novel.
I am so glad that that class got changed because the graphic novel is so interesting, for those of you who don’t know what a graphic novel is, me 5ish weeks ago, it’s a comic book type deal except its usually greater than 50 pages and its structured plot wise like a novel.
Very interesting and so much more interesting to read then just words on paper, maybe that’s because images are my major! So I got all the work done for that class, the stuff that was due over break and for the next two weeks
My next big assignment was for typography II were we are designing the new posters for SOD. (School of Design, a part of CIAS (College of Imaging Arts and Sciences)) My original concepts went out the window from the beginning, something that usually happens! But after 2 different computers rendered finalized concepts I thought I had a fabulous one, third try is the best right? No not the case for this! So I spent plenty of time tweaking and re-tweaking and starting over and restarting over, only to come back to school with a much stronger concept but, by no means the final! I finally turned in the final this morning with probably more than 50 hours of work put into it. (That is over a 3-week period! Don’t get too freaked out! ;))
The rest of my work was just small little things I wanted to get done so I didn’t have to do them once I got back (since I did have those 32 hours, there and back!)
Enough with work onto what I actually did during my vacation! When we arrived in South Carolina Christmas afternoon, it was probably 70 degrees, I don’t know what 70 degrees on Christmas day means to you but it means NOT SNOW and NOT WINTER to me! Christmas is suppose to be white, or at least cold, I shouldn’t be walking around in a t-shirt and jeans, in fact I had to borrow my moms t-shirts because I packed for winter weather, Massachusetts weather, completely forgetting that South Carolina is warm in the dead of winter! After we ate lunch, we spent the evening walking all along the shore of the ocean, Scotty who is one and a half years old had the time of his life splashing in the water with his feet. A one and half year old splashing in the ocean on Christmas day, who knew!
The next day we had to do our after Christmas shopping, no really we just wanted barbecue! At night we went to the festival of lights, its basically 3 miles of Christmas, it’s mainly for the kids; this is where Scotty comes in! He was sleeping at the beginning then he woke up and was just so happy it was awesome! All-in-all South Carolina, though short, was warm, relaxing and awesome! We then drove home with a pit stop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.
Once I got home it was time to catch up with all the friends from high school, who I hadn’t seen for quite some time. New Years I spent with the girls we went into to Boston, as we traditionally do look at the ice sculptures, watch the fireworks over the harbor, blah blah blah… but this year we decided to go in later because it was FREEZING and snowing (it was said that with the wind-chill it was -15 degrees) I went from 70 degree weather to -15 degree? Craziness! But we got into Boston at around 11:45 just enough time to get from the T to the fireworks, only to find out that the fireworks were canceled; due to winds. Who ever cancels fireworks on New Years? But we didn’t let the fireworks ruin our new years spirit so like all the other people we brought the New Year in by Faneuil hall.
New Years day my friend from RIT came to visit, I was so excited! But I was able to show him around Boston, have him meet my friends and vice-a-versa, all in all a good time. But Sunday quickly rolled around it was all of a sudden time to pack up and get back into the swing of things, classes?
That brings me to now! I have been locked up with this type project and then various other projects this week, which is why this blog is delayed! It feels good to be back though! I missed RIT people.

O yea I forgot!
Two years ago at this time, probably what most of you are doing right now, your applications... Yea those! Every year for Christmas the kids and the adults would get "Nut's and Bolt's" made by our Grandma a little gift for Christmas... Those "nuts and bolts" are what helped me get through the application process, we all know its not a very fun time... but i suggest finding something you can reward yourself with after you've completed either a step of the application maybe the essay, or maybe after you've completed one full application. It's just a way to help you get through this o so fun time! Just a little tid-bit of info that helped me out! Now my friend's here love 'em too!

OK good luck! Happy New Year!

Every Toddler needs a pair of RIT socks!
                            We taught Scotty about Nuts and Bolts at a young age!


Some of the lights display
                                           more lights my favorites

New Years in Boston!