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A BIG City (Nashville)

Jon-derek Castagno on Wednesday, 07 June 2006.

So as you may know i went to a boarding school for highschool, one of the benefits of that was knowning people all over the country, we know a family in Nashville and are staying with them this evening. We arrived in nashville early this afternoon. The country music capital of the world? i believe that after being here; everyplace had a singer in the restaurant. We ate a spot called Jacks BBQ. it was really good BBQ, definetly one of the best I have had. We walked around for a bit more and got some ice cream.

A very harrowing thing happened next, walking back to our car we were drinkning IBC rootbeer, and a young fellow came up to us and asked if we were drinking, then went on to say how he needed a ride to the bus station and said how he just got released from jail two days before and just got kicked out of his halfway house this morning and wasnt going to kill us or anything. As you may imagine Ian and i freaked out internally and declined to give him a ride. quite harrowing for a small town lad.

-The Coolest Dude Ever