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A fascinating post about a keyboard

Cynthia Roberts on Saturday, 08 September 2007. Posted in Co-op, Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County

Well not entirely.
I've signed up to work Saturday mornings here at Admissions.  It's a nice break from the fast-paced intensity that usually goes on here.
Very quiet.  Also I get time to do homework and write these lovely blogs.
I'm currently sitting at Lorrie's desk and as I've told her everyday for the past week or so...she has the most amazing keyboard ever.
Seriously, I want one for Christmas.

That and the Ipod Touch.

Last night my lovely friend Brian B. and I went to see this most ridiculous movie entitled Shoot Em Up.  If you haven't heard of it's a bit like Snakes on a Plane in the sense that it was completely ridiculous but regardless purely entertaining (probably more so).  Lots of blood and gore though...definetely not a family feature.

Also in other movie news.....
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE comes out soon!!!  My friend RJ showed me the trailer for this movie sometime at the beginning of this year (more than 6 months ago at least) and I have been dying to see it since.  I really never thought it would come out because it's been forever.  I just hope it's so hyped up for a good reason and doesn't turn out to be a dud.

If you haven't heard of this incredible movie yet I suggest you YouTube the trailer.

It's a movie/musical using Beatles songs (31 of them) and only 30 minutes of real dialog.  And it looks incredible and dreamy and trippy and just freaking sweet.

I'm pumped.

Also...and I feel this probably should have been the first has started back up.  It was kind of glorious to see so many people on this campus after a summer that felt like I was living in a ghost town.  But everyone is back (although some people I would like to be back are on co-op) and it's excellent.  The school part of it isn't so excellent (I'm taking the math part of my major and it's not exactly thrilling).  I commend all math majors out there.

I spent my morning applying for 3 different co-op's.  One in Boston, Arizona, and California.  So here's to hoping I get one in California (it's for Warner Bros).