A Guide to Shoes for RIT

Christina Brooks on Monday, 08 April 2013. Posted in Student Life

Now, I love clothes and shoes as much as the next girl, but I had no idea what to expect or bring to RIT when I first moved up to Rochester from Virginia. So I'm going to give you all a general guide on shoes to help you all out, so you aren't stuck scrambling for specific shoes like I was!


Fall can be tricky, because in the beginning of the school year you'll have warm,summer-ish weather, but then you can have snow by Halloween. You never know with Rochester weather!

Some key items that you should have are rain boots (or waterproof boots), an umbrella, regular day-to-day shoes, sandels (for the warm summer-ish days), and snow boots. There's always a chance for rain, so you'll need those rainboots and umbrellas for fall and spring. And whenever you get those rare, really warm days, you'll want to be able to enjoy it with sandels. And of course, snow boots, because you never know.



You'll need snow boots, regular day-to-day shoes, and possibly leather boots (for you ladies) if you're into that style.

The snow boots are obviously for all of the snow and the rest are for the days where it's cold, but no snow. Winter is pretty cut and dry, it's either cold and sunny, cold and grey, or snowing. Also, Rochester gets a good amount of wind, and in the cold weather it's really intense, so of course bring a warm winter jacket with a hood (or bring a hat)!


Spring is probably the most unpredictable season because you can get snow, rain, or sun. So while you may think you can pack away your snow boots and gear by mid-March, you could get snow the next week! It's April 2nd and we just got snow today. So basically, keep all of the shoes above, because most likely, you'll be using all types of shoes in the spring.


So I hope this helps in some way with your pre-college shopping!

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