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Academic Quarters

Ashley Hennigan on Thursday, 21 August 2008. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework


    You may or may not already know that RIT's academic year run's on a "Quarter System". We take classes during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Summer quarter offers classes but students are not required to take classes at that time. Most students will use the summer quarter to add flexibility to their co-op program.

    Each quarter has 10 weeks of classes. 1 week for finals and at least 1 week for a break before the next quarter begins. This schedule makes for a fast-paced learning environment. While time management is a must-have, most of our students transition nicely into the quarter system work environment naturally. To be sure that the transition is smooth, each student at RIT is paired up with a First Year Enrichment Coach that assists in all aspects of the transition from high school to college life. Those who continue to struggle with time-management skills can get the one-on-one support they need on campus at our Academic Support Center .

    Some advantages to the quarter system include SPEED and FLEXIBILITY. Having three different chances to choose classes each year is a huge advantage for a student who has many interests. The quarter system allows you to take more electives in different areas and really customize your major to your life and career goals. Likewise, it allows you to complete required courses (that lets face it- might not be exactly your cup of tea) in 10 weeks and you can then move on to something new!

A typical year looks like this:

Fall Quarter:
Begins: 1st week of September
Ends: The week before Thanksgiving
-------Break Week----------
Winter Quarter:
Begins: 1st week in December
-------2 week Holiday--------
Ends: Last week in February
-------Spring Break---------
Spring Quarter:
Begins: Mid March
Ends: Mid May
------Break for Summer-----
Optional summer courses June-August

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