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Adventure Time!

Clarissa Baston on Thursday, 15 January 2009. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life

I'm in my 3rd year here at RIT and things have been so crazy that sometimes the stress can be overwhelming. Balancing classes, work, friends, and family takes some skill; everyone has their own way of getting through.

I like to think about a certain time in my life where I was more carefree and relaxed.  Sometimes I think about going to the beach, other times I think about home and my mom's home cooked dinners.  Lately, however, my mind was going through a million things and it proved to be quite difficult to slow my mind down. 

Then, while I was having lunch at the Ritz, I heard two words that I have not heard in forever..."Adventure Time."  I was suddenly transported to my 1st year in NRH5 (Nathaniel Rochester Hall.)  And it was most likley some ungodly hour, but almost everyone is still awake.  Some of us cram into one room talking, getting to know each other, and watching YouTube.  You can tell everyone is slowly letting their guard down with each silly video.

A couple hours later, we come across a video that will be forever burnt in my memory.  It was called "Adventure Time."  The seven and a half minute video was full of sheer and innocent silliness that there was not a serious face to be found by the end of it.  Almost every word in the video was quotable and for the next few days, that's exactly what we did.

I feel like this single video brought us together and created a bond that no one else could have.  It's silly to think about it, but for a second, nothing else really mattered.


This is my little illustration that I did after that night on my friend's board outside his door.

When my 2nd year came along, the memory of "Adventure Time" faded a little and everyone I knew the year before went on their own way.  I still kept my close friends, but those bonds were not as strong.  Then as my roommate and I sat in our room, we hear someone yell, "Rhomus!!!" (you'll get it in a minute)  And all we could do is look at each other and smile.  I peeked my head out of the door and I see the Freshmen running up and down the hall.  I also see the same commradery that I with my floormates.

Then I am suddenly back in the 3rd year, eating my lunch in the Ritz and I hear those 2 words yet again...All I can do is roll my eyes, shake my head, and giggle to myself, "Freshmen."