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Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 11 July 2007. Posted in Co-op, Study Abroad

The one thing I've been waiting to do my entire life, is study abroad.  And next summer I'm going to get the opportunity.  Some friends and I are planning on going to Italy through RIT's program with Syracuse University.  It's an amazing opportunity.  The university is in Florence, and the program puts you in apartments in downtown Florence.  So instead of living with host families, you get plunged into living with a couple friends in the heart of Florence.  I just feel like its a more intense experience.  I don't know, I'm thrilled.  Anyway, so I'm going with my friends Maegan, Joe, and Susie.  There are other people planning on coming too like Mike and Matt.  If all going according to plan, it's going to be a fantastic 6 weeks.

In other news, I'm hoping to land this co-op at Burton for this coming winter.  Burton is pretty much the coolest company to work for if you weren't sure.  It's based in Burlington, which is an amazing place to live and it's close to home too.  I have lots of friends in the Burlington area too and my good friend Yubbers (real name Joe) has promised me a spot on his couch too.

Anyway, if you work at Burton, first of all you an bring your dog to the office everyday.  That's pretty cool considering I love dogs.  Then there's the fact that if Vermont gets a nice 6 inches of powder (which happens often up there), they call off work for the day and everyone goes to the mountain.  That makes me smile.  Well grin actually.

The greatest thing I've discovered at RIT is that the friends I made during orientation week, are still the people I call/im/email/facebook everyday
^^^^That's us during orientation week.^^^^
^^^^^This is the entire floor the night before our friend Peter left. ^^^^^
This is us at the birthday party I threw for Susie my roommate and Brian a couple weeks after the papers went through on the house.
^^^^This would be Matt and I last summer.  Matt is one of the people hopefully coming to Italy next summer with us.^^^^
^^^^The ever lovely Robin at her birthday party towards the end of this year^^^^
^^^^And finally Brian and I enjoying ourselves in between classes at Java's^^^^

I got a new laptop and naturally we couldn't help but play with it all the time.

In other news, my friend Rachel just got back from studying abroad in Spain.  It was awesome to see her for a few days.  Last night we went to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter.  It was pretty good, very nerdy crowd.  No one dressed up iike wizards though which was completely disappointing.  It was also amazing to get out of the heat and into heavy AC.  The only downfall was it felt like a ton of bugs were in the theater.  I have bug bites all over my legs.  Youch.

Oh and other fascinating piece of information I have to share with you.
This weekend Brian and I went up to my cousin's families houses on Lake George.  It's gorgeous up there.  Saturday we went tubing and swimming.  I'd post pictures but I made sure to get rid of them because I look ridiculous.  Sunday Aaron and his sister came up.  It was awesome to see Aaron.  We went kayaking all day and then grabbed lunch/dinner at Ti Pi this delish italian place in Ticonderoga, the town where the houses are.

This weekend I'm really excited for.  I'm going to see DISPATCH in NYC!!!!!!!!!
I've been dying to see Dispatch for like 5 years now.  And I'm finally getting the chance. 
I'm also going to a wedding in Vermont which should be awesome.  I'll get to see all my old co-workers and friends I haven't seen in forever.

Next weekend is college and careers and I can't even begin to explain the excitement for that.  Brian is coming up for a week for that and I hear they're getting a mechanical bull.  It's going to be a good, if tiring next couple of weeks.