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“And now I am blogging about #Twitter"

Emily Okey on Monday, 18 October 2010. Posted in Student Life

For the longest time I was anti-twitter. I did not understand the need for an entire website only to update people using 140 characters on what I was eating for lunch, where I was going next and what my every thought was.

“I am now spreading peanut butter on my sandwich”
People are going to be so thrilled by that that they will not only follow me but retweet this exciting news. Right.

I think it was around the time of the tsunami’s in Hawaii last year that I started realizing that it’s real news from people being directly affected by the situations. Sure you can turn to the local news stations but there is nothing like the people tweeting while they are hunkered down waiting for something to happen. You can follow hashtags or popular trends to see what kinds of things people are worried about or most interested in.

How to effectively use twitter:

  • Don’t tweet every thought or feeling that passes through your head, people don’t care about your peanut butter sandwich (unless it was exceptionally delicious). Learn to use hashtags so your tweets will reach a wider audience, retweets are good.
  • Find something cool? Share the link. Just don’t link to 27 other places on a regular basis.
  • Need to have an in depth conversation with someone? Twitter is not the place for that. It is, however, quite acceptable to reply to someone’s latest tweet if you agree/disagree or have something to add.
  • Follow things/people you are interested in knowing more about. Unlike facebook, it’s not that weird to be following someone you don’t know directly as long as they have tweets you’re interested in! I may or may not be following some NHL hockey players...
Like anything online, it can get old quickly and sometimes you might not be interested in everything someone has to say but that is when you can choose who to “follow”!

For the RIT Admissions office we have a number of ambassadors all with twitter accounts. We’re all different year levels, different majors and involved in all sorts of activities throughout campus. If you have a twitter account (or are getting one soon!) I would encourage you to follow any or all of us to get an inside account of what is happening on campus. I promise we don’t update our every thought and feeling but we’ll try to provide a very realistic day to day feed of happenings on campus.

RIT_Emily (3rd year graphic design) <-- that’s me!
RIT_Jacob (2nd year packaging science)
RIT_Christina (1st year graphic design)
RIT_Megan (2nd year mechanical engineering)
RIT_Kevin (1st year physics)

RIT_Sabrina (2nd year biochemistry)
RIT_Alissa (3rd year mechanical engineering)
RIT_Carolyn (4th year graphic design)

If you have questions or comments about things on campus or what we’re doing, twitter is a great informal way to ask these. It’s a way for us to microblog on smaller topics in between our weekly blog posts.

In addition to those student twitter accounts there are also ones managed by more official people :)


@RIT_CAB (College Activities Board an organization responsible for all of the fun things that come to RIT, events/speakers/comedians/concerts/etc)