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And so the celebrations begin!

Cynthia Roberts on Tuesday, 07 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

This is probably the most important thing to note:
My birthday is coming up, as in Sunday and if you know me, I live by the idea that a birthday shouldn't be celebrated for just a day but closer to a week or even a month.  And so it begins.

Saturday is a birthday party for Susie, Brian, and I.  I just went out and bought two dresses for it.  Although, I haven't decided which one to wear.

Then on Sunday Stacy is planning something for me which I have yet to get any details on so it should be excellent.  And I can wear whichever dress I don't wear on Saturday on Sunday.


In other news, I feel like the second College and Careers was better than the first.  There were a lot more kids and it was wayyyyyyy hotter and for that reason unpleasant, but I guess maybe I knew what to expect and enjoyed myself more. 

Summer is coming to a close and I almost can't wait.  I don't know that I'm looking forward to classes so much as everyone coming back.  Summer's can be kind of boring up here in the ROC.

At the end of August a bunch of us are going out to my cabin up in Vermont to camp and swim and enjoy a few days of vacation.  And I can't wait.  I imagine that will be the end of my birthday celebrations provided I can't think up anything else.

Also celebrity jeporady is pretty easy.  They should put me on there.  I could destroy.
I'm planning on becoming a jeporady pro.  Living in a house with no cable and three channels means you tend to watch jeporady freaking all the time and I'm okay with that.

I was sitting at the doctors office the other day and I noticed I tend to zone out and daydream pretty incredibly.  I've been noticing this forever but I thought I'd share it with all of you.

I tend to imagine a lot of what if's throughout the day and from there build entire stories from it.  Sometimes I even find myself wishing these things would happen because of their obvious outcomes.  I know it's weird.

Also, I had a dream (this was also a while back) that my friend Destin came and asked me if I wanted to walk to the Corner Store to get some Propel (which he drinks like a tank) and so we went and got a lot of Propel.  The next day he actually asked me if I wanted to go to the Corner Store for some Propel and I asked him if he had already finished off the ones we just bought. 

This story really isn't as interesting as it was when it happened.
I want Destin to come back.  Everytime he's come to Rochacha I've been in Vermont or Providence.

Also, I really want to be on a game show.
I could really use the money.

I just took pictures of the two dresses I bought for you guys to check out
This would be the super shiny, I want everyone to look at me, I need to buy a tiara, and I sure hope susie will by the matching one, only cost 20 bucks, I want to be a princess, dress.  It's kind of amazing now I just need to find some shoes.
This is the cute little sundress that I bought for whichever day I don't get to wear the gorgeous pink one.