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And the Results are in...

Clarissa Baston on Monday, 01 March 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Coursework, Faculty

I must admit, I got ridiculously lucky this quarter because I ended up not having any finals!  But that does not mean that my classes were a piece of cake.  I only had one professor, who happend to teach all my classes and they were probably the hardest classes that I took thus far.  I really had trouble keeping up with everything, but I ended up learning a lot.

In my pop-up book class, I learned new techniques and gained a better appreciation for the art of pop-up books.  I was walking through Barnes and Noble the other day and came across a couple pop-up books and instead of just flipping quickly through it, I actually studied them and tried to figure out how they put the book together.  It's really facinating.  This is a cool class to take and can make any portfolio stand out.

Here's what my project looked like!  I was inspired by my Christmas trip to the Philippines...

For my Dimensional Illuatration class, we had a lot more freedom to do whatever we wanted and I got to have a lot of fun with my overall project.  We had to create three illustrations that are a part of a series.  I chose to do the infamous 'monkeys jumping on the bed' story.  I chose to mix it up a little and set it up like a cake...without using cake (it's expensive and doesn't last very long)  I liked how it turned out.  :)


So that's what I did this quarter.  I did a lot better than I had expected.  Hopefully next quarter will bring the same kind of luck...but I do know that I will have my fair share of stress...I'm just looking forward to graduating! :)