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Another Week Another Dollar

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 02 July 2007. Posted in Coursework, Life After RIT

Yup I am officially in the through of life as an adult working full time. It is now week 5 and I have gotten accustomed to my routine of work, play, and sleep. It is weird that I am slowly but surely turning in to my dad its funny how I have all of a sudden picked up a number of his habits with regards to work such as overtime, getting there early and a very short lunch. I did not even know my dad did all of those but I have somehow picked up on it. Further examination of my life will continue.
With regards to the iPhone, I have seen it in person and I am not too impressed; yes it is nice but it is not a real enthusiast and techie phone. I am missing out on so many features it hurts. To name a few:
1. Lack of full Bluetooth Services.
2. Support for Microsoft Direct Push (aka exchange synchronization)
3. Lack of VOIP support
4. Lack of 3G
5. Lack of 3rd party Drivers
6. Lack of scripting ability
Those are my main qualms with the phone. I just bought a new phone less than 1 month ago fully knowing about the iPhone and the refresh that is coming out for the phone I bought. I studied and learned for months as to what would suit my needs the best. The HTC TTyTN meets those needs. HTC is a great company by the way. AT&T (the new Cingular) has this phone and it is branded as the Cingular 8525. I love the phone and have been flashing it and tweaking it nonstop.  So yea that’s my life.