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Another Week Successfully Completed

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 21 June 2007. Posted in Life After RIT

Howdy all. YES!! another week at work has been completed. I have not gotten fired yet which is always a good thing.  Work is starting to pick up even more now that i have responsibilities that have been shifted over to me. I have been working 70+ hr weeks to get things down. I plan on cutting back from now on to 40 hr weeks because i miss sleep.
    I have got to say "children of men" is one of my favorite movies ever. Last Saturday i watched it again on a big screen and surround sound and man i forgot how good it was. One of the things i like the best is the long shots, as in no cutting just 1 camera view the entire time this happens a number of times for around 2min-3min 20 sec. It is just amazing how the actors did not mess up and got everything correct.
    On the agenda for this weekend is a lot of movie watching that i have been meaning to see such as "knocked up", Oceans 13, Mr. Brooks. I have very high expectations for these movies. I hope they are good indeed.  Till Next week.