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Apple Interview Recap

Joe Conley on Saturday, 08 March 2008. Posted in Life After RIT

So I had my interview with Apple last week before break, I flew out from Rochester airport to San Jose, and took a cab to the Cupertino Inn, only to realize afterwards that the hotel offered free limo service back and forth to the San Jose airport. After traveling for most of the day (and having my last final at 8AM before that) I slept. The next morning I walked the quarter of a mile or so from the hotel to Apple campus. I snapped a few photos along the way. The next 8 or 9 hours was all interviews, a new person every half an hour, all from the graphics team. Even lunch was an interview. But I met some really interesting people and they asked me some tough questions. I guess it wasn't so much that the questions they asked were super hard, as they were I hadn't studied up in some of the areas they were interested in testing me on.

Last week they informed me that they would not be making a job offer at this time. It makes sense considering all the graphics team members that interviewed me had all worked for a number of years at one or two other jobs before coming to apple, and I was about 6 or 7 years younger than the youngest person I met that day. But I think after spending a few days in California I'm going to have to keep looking for jobs out in that area of the country if I can, I think I kinda like it out there.

I did take the limo back from the hotel to the airport, but that's where the fun ended for my return trip. I slept for most of the longer flight back, but my shorter flight from Washington D.C. to Rochester was cancelled, and I had to fly into NYC to take another plane, which was also delayed. So after 6hrs of delays I arrived back in Rochester at 1:30AM, and took a cab home.