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are you ready to GET DIRTY?

Patricia Schiotis on Tuesday, 20 September 2011. Posted in Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

This Saturday, the campus will gather at the Gracies Fields.  What for? MUDTUG XVI!

On Saturday, September 24th, Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Kappa Psi will host the 16th annual Mud Tug event, an all-out 10 versus 10 tug-of-war tournament in the mud.  If you don’t want to tug on a team, there is also a giant mud “playpit” for participates.  Mud Tug is a tradition on RIT’s campus, with students, faculty and staff members attending every year.  Last year, Mud Tug had over 1,500 participants, raising over $6,700 for Hillside Family of Agencies, Mud Tug’s beneficiary.  Hillside Family of Agencies is an organization that has become one of the largest non-profit agencies in New York State, with its cornerstone residing in Rochester, NY for more than 170 years.  Hillside provides child-centered human services in partnership with children, youth, parents and families through an integrated system of care.  PKP and ZTA have made quarterly trips to Hillside during the school year, getting to know the kids at Hillside, so they as well have a better connection with Hillside.

So if you are visiting campus this Saturday for the Open House and aren’t afraid to get a little muddy, join the students, faculty, and alumni to see one of the largest annual campus events!

For more information about Mudtug: Visit the website, follow @RITMudTug on twitter, or visit the facebook page!

Images from last year's event:

 The Hosts of Mudtug: Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Kappa Psi

The Dream Team which featured President Destler, RITchie, and SG President Greg Pollock!





Winners of the Men's Bracket: RIT Men's Basketball Team