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Around Sapporo

Joe Conley on Wednesday, 23 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

When we woke up in the morning, the train was stopped for awhile, and then we realized it was raining pretty good. It turned into a 4 hr train delay, so we used the time to take showers on the train. When I had gone out into the lounge earlier to have a water, some ladies offered me some of their food. I must have been looking pitiful or something. And then the train conductors served us some onigiri as well, so at least we didn't have to buy expensive food in the dining car.

When we got to sapporo, Maru-sensei met us at the exit of the station, and we put our bags in a coin locker for awhile and walked around downtown Sapporo. The park was nearby, and a 2 week long Sapporo summer festival was underway that was mostly centered around beer.

Then we picked up our luggage and went to the Sapporo Beer Garden, a restaurant in the old factory for Sapporo beer I think. You cooked your own food on the grills on the table, and they had some good beer as well. I got some delicious fried potatoes.

Sapporo Beer Garden

After that we tried to go get some ice cream, but the place was closed, so we went home to Maru-sensei's parent's house, We came in and gave some gifts from America to her and her parents, and then they served us some delicious watermelon. And we took baths and went to bed.