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Attention breaking news: French people are insanely cool

Cynthia Roberts on Thursday, 23 October 2008. Posted in Co-op

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everything about this video is right
so right

also, yesterday Maldroid (one of the winning bands on our Sonic Bids contest) sent me stickers and pins.  A note to all you other winners sending in your videos in the coming week: send more free stuff.

in other news halloween is rapidly approaching and i need to pick something to carve into my pumpkin.  Last years highly successful oggie boogie (from nightmare before christmas) is proving hard to compare to while looking for options.  Today I found this  But I don't think the small children trick or treating (or my small cousins) would understand it.  Also, it looks really hard.  I'm not longer an art kid for a reason folks.

I read the Vermont got it's first snow yesterday.  Which is insane.  I have yet to done a real jacket although NYC is stuck in that funny phase where it's too cold to not wear a winter jacket but not cold enough to wear one.  My solution?  A fall jacket, a scarf, and speed walking everywhere.

And lots of coffee.

Additionally, I recently discovered that I kind of dislike (sometimes more immensely than others) living in or around NYC.  And I think this is because it always seems like everyone is in a rush and people are all pissy.  I like happy people and these people on the train during the morning and evening commute are just not happy.

I also really like driving and that doesn't happen much around here.  This is most likely attributed to the fact that I get intense road rage around crappy drivers (don't you dare say anything Aaron about my driving skills) but at least when someone cuts you off in another car you can yell all you want inside your car and not risk being heard (at least at the level of volume I play my music on).  When someone darts infront of you, forces you off a sidewalk, stops suddenly to star at a building, or whatever it is that people do when walking around and not paying attention to others you have to bite your tongue (usually because these people could easily beat me up).  I have a hard time biting my tongue.

Also if you caught this weeks episode of Gossip Girl (and if you didn't we probably can't be friends although I really don't care because all that was important was the commercial directly after the show) then you surely saw the commercial directly after the show (see?) which tells you what music you've been listening to in the episode (and if you were watching the episode then you would have actually heard this music making the commercial more relevant I suppose).  WELL, that band they featured was none other than the Virgins who we interviewed two (potentially three) weeks ago.  WHOA.

They were also featured on Entourage at some point in time.

This was a moment of excitement for me.

Also, another moment of excitement.  The new LOST trailer premiered recently and I know what you're thinking: What the freaking heck?  LOST?  I know I think the same thing too often refering to LOST as a person as in: What the freaking heck LOST?  What were you thinking drawing me into a show with your first few seasons and then forcing me to continue with you while you got more confusing because now I feel like I need to see it through to the end???

For all of you who need to see it through to the end check out this and become excited way ahead of time

Also, and this very well could be the last of this post, if you haven't ever read the hater on the onion av club site you for real should.  Sarcasm galore