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Autumn in the Infinity Quad

Josh Kramer on Monday, 28 September 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Dining, Life After RIT, Student Life

Autumn in the Infinity Quad

Seasons never start at the right time. Summer always comes around June 21st, but it never feels like spring in March nor Fall on December 19th. Usually, however, the air is starting to get nippy and the leaves turning lighter justas September 21st rolls around.

It definitely feels like autumn at RIT. As I sit outside of Crossroads, finishing up my Sesame Tofu and Fried Rice,my fingers are shivering, running around the keyboard, nowhere to hide from the wind. The trees around the campus loop are starting to show hints of yellow, and the trees in the Infinity Quad are bare.

Autumn always seems to come early to the center of the academic side of campus. Maybe it is the windy campus that blows the leaves off the trees a few weeks early. Maybe they are lamenting the beginning of the quarter. Or maybe they are so excited to have students back on campus that they just couldn't hold on to their leaves any longer!

My favorite season at RIT is fall. The air is dry, cool but not cold. The wind is chilly, but not so freezing that you feel the need to retreat into the tunnels. I encourage anyone who wants to visit RIT to do it before it gets too cold out, because this is a season you don't want to miss.
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