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Kahle Toothill on Monday, 14 August 2006. Posted in Life After RIT

Friday I headed home from RI and this Friday I head back to RIT for Orientaton training. So here's my plan: leave Pennsylvania at 7am, get to Rochester at 11am, move in/unpack, start training at 5pm. My friend Nic is going to help me move in too :) I can't beleive it's back to school time already! I'm actually EXTREMELY pumped about this year. I guess I'm a little biased because it's my senior year. This summer's research experience opened my eyes to many career options when I graduate and for the first time ever I've decided what I'm going to do with my future and which path I'm going to follow. I'm definitly going to grad school but what's surprising is that I htink I'm going to stay at RIT to get a masters degree. You're probably wondering what degree I'm thinking of pursuing. It's Buisness. Yep, RIT has a 5 year "fast track" MBA program so I can start working on my masters during my senior year. I think this is the right path for me. After countless hours of online research and soul searching this summer I've decided I'd rather oversee/run a lab than work in one. Don't get me wrong - I love research. I love how it's like a puzzle that you need to figure out and put together so flawlessly and perfectly. However, I also enjoy working with people and being in a lab is more independant work. I was really missing that interaction and if you know me, I don't think you can picture me sitting in a lab for another 6-7years (thats how long it takes to get a PhD in the biological sciences). After attending a career seminar this summer, apparently Bachlors of Science with a MBA is highly sought after these days considering the explosion of biotech and pharmaceutical comparies which are primarily driven by the market and the demand of the consumer - buisness stuff. So I think I've found my niche and it's a very scary and exciting thing. I was afraid I'd never know what I was going to do but I found it at the least likely moment and I'm going to sick to it. After all, good things are worth waiting for.

Here is a pic of Shelby, my kitty here at home: Shelbie.jpg