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Back in the ROC

Josh Kramer on Tuesday, 31 August 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Orientation, Residence Life

First year move in is tomorrow! I hope that everyone who is moving in has at least started packing. My first year I was up until 3am packing, and the drive out was terrible. Definitely be sure to get some sleep tonight. 
I moved into my apartment in the Perkins Green complex on Thursday with 3 of my roommates. I did the 6 hour drive from Vermont all by myself, towing a U-Haul trailer behind my mom's Subaru Forrester

I got settled into my apartment and helped my roommates move in. Here are a few more pictures of one of my roommates and our apartment:


josh eating a taco

We made tacos our first night for dinner!

The next few days we spent at the Honors Program orientation. The Honors orientation takes place over 4 days before everyone else gets to campus, and we do lots of fun stuff, including going to Camp Arrowhead, which has all sorts of trails and a high ropes course. Here is a picture of our group,

and here is a picture of me on the high ropes course. You don't really know how high it is until you get up there.

Honors orientation ended this morning, and now all we are doing is waiting for all the freshmen to show up. I hope everyone has a safe trip to campus, and I can't wait for the year to start!